About Adel

Here is a brief description about me.

I have a PhD in cognitive sciences (neuromorphics), I am currently an embedded software engineer. I am a C/C++/Python developer (but not only). I like music, open source, diy, ecology, reading, thinking,...

I am a geek and a dad!


I work essentially under Linux.

I am working in industry as an embedded software developer engineer.

I am currently working on developing a NOR flash MTD driver under Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.

Before, I was in charge of a BSP (Board Support Package) development based on Linux 2.6.35 for the trains & railways domain. The BSP is embedded on a hardware supporting several networks (Ethernet, I2C, CAN, Profibus, MVB, RS, GPRS/GSM-R,...). I was also in charge of a testing plateform development for the hardware and protocols checking. I developed in C language for the BSP kernel modules. I was using C language for embedded testing softwares, C language for the user testing DLL, and Python for testing (using py.test).

You can have a look to my LinkedIn account.

Open Source

I was using Open Source softwares for a loooong time, desiring to contribute but never doing it :-(

So I decided to do what I was happy to receive freely!

I try now when I develop something that I need to do it in a way to help others.

I also try to contribute when I have time to projects I find interesting.

So you can find some of my contributions on my Github account.


Have a look to the contact page.