My fight to try to get a Dedibox server

A friend of mine has chosen an's Dedibox server and told me it was a good solution for a dedicated server for a good price. He also appreciated having it in 10 minutes using his credit card. So I decided to get one also.

It was not 10 minutes but rather 3 weeks to be close to have it!! Finally I have nothing but I spent a very bad time at phone with a guy considering himself as a BIG boss!!!

What happened is that I decided to get a server and publish a blog during holidays. I was in a foreign country. I have created an account the 5th April with my name and email address. Note that I was having a very bad connection. But nevertheless, I continued the steps to get my server. But unfortunately it didn't work :(

The 12 April, still no server, I opened a Report where I explained that I didn't succeed to get a server. Note that this Report is linked to my account and I can have access only online.

The 14th I was noticed by email that I have a response to my report, so I try to connect to my account to know how to do to get my server. But that fails! I try again. I think I don't remember the password correctly. I try many different. During days I try often to connect, but it doesn't work! I click on "I forgot my password", but I have as answer that there is no account with my name, neither my email! I'm troubled, I try again the next days, but nothing happen.

I really don't understand what happened. And I wanted to see the response to my Report! The 18th, getting the end of holidays unfortunately, I decide to create again my account with my name and email. That works! I validate again my phone and email address. I select my server. I enter my bank data to pay it and everything goes well! Then I try to access my server settings. But, I get a message telling that my account was limited, and I can't do anything. I beggin to be annoyed.

I open a new ticket and ask why my account is limited. I get a very basic response saying that there is suspicous about a linked account, so I have to send a fax with my identity card and bank informations. I am really not happy so I answer that I have no fax and that I would like to understand what happened. I don't get any response. So the 22th April I to send a new message asking if there is any discrimination to be asked to send a fax. I also expaliend that maybe it was because I used a foreign IP and a French IP (using my proxy due to some bad connection to some sites). I send also a message on twitter. Then I had a response but telling me that I have to send a fax because of fraud suspicion. I said that I didn't want to send these informations as I explained what was probably the problem and as I have no access to a fax.

A very disagreeable guy from, Sebastien, called me and told me that he don't want to know nothing but that I MUST send him what he asked me or I won't have any server. As it was impossible to speak with him. He didn't want to tell me what was the problem. I told him that I was no more interested and that I prefered he remove my account, but he refused!!! I told him good bye and I hang up. I was really angry.

However the next day, I thought about this and I was sad to not know what happened. Why this guy was furious about me, a customer. And I was still wondering why my first account disappeared so I created a second with the same name that maybe whas suspicious. I was also still interested by the offer.

So the 23th April, I called but the customer service. I asked if it was possible to them to pay if I send by the post a mail with the informations they want. And I asked if they could do some discount because of the lack of informations, the long time lost, the disappearance without any information of my account that lead to this situation. The guy I had, told me he can't take this decision and that he will pass me someone from the technical service.

And here I am back with the bad guy Sebastien. I try to be this time friendly, but I hear that he take this as a personal matter! The first thing he told me was there will be no discount because all is my fault. I really try to be nice, I try to have more informations about what he has against me. IWith difficulties, he was near to injure me, but I managed to know that the response to the first Report was that my account will be deleted so I have to recreate it!!! I tried to explain to him that if the account is deleted and the message linked to the account I can't have this information. So he told me that I should have called them. I tried to explain that I was in a foreign country, and I didn't know the account was deleted. But he was not listening. I told him that I consider there was an error from with that 1st Report but he told me, there was no problem with the second one and he don't want to hear about the first so there is no matter to a discount. I asked him how can care about the first Report, and he answered he was the one!! I wanted to speak to another person, to his boss, then he told me he was quality boss, and the only big boss I can speak to and he hang up!!!!

Since, I have an account that I cannot use. They have my bank informations, address, phone, everything, but I can have nothing! What a pity! I don't understand what this guy, Sebastien, win to be so nasty!?